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Secure at Night Our handcrafted bonnets include a drawstring for extra security.
Real Satin Every one of our products was not made lightly as our Bonnets are made to reduce frizz, maintain moisture and stay on your head at night.

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Not sure if you should choose a Satin Adjustable Bonnet, the Satin Headscarf or do you need both? Take the quiz to find out what is best for you!

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Latest Testimonials

  • "I cheated on ASE last night with the beauty supply store bonnet 🤢...and of course it didn't stay on my head the entire night. #SadStory

    Jemima J.

  • "Let's talk about how my hair was still moisturized after a week of being in twists & I didn't use any oil...you really came through with the knowledge sis 😌

    Cecile M.

  • "I've had my bonnet and head scarf for almost a year now. It's through multiple washes and the quality is still as amazing as the day I received it."

    Vanessa M.